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Is Your Loved One Eligible For Bail?

If you have a loved one who got arraigned and is awaiting a hearing, getting them out of jail could be your top priority. During the bail hearing, you may have a bail company in mind to help raise the bail amount. But is your loved one eligible for bail? Here are the reasons they might be.

It Is Their First Offense

If someone you care about just got arrested and is getting charged for the first time, they are usually eligible for bail. Before the bail hearing, a judge will review the offender's records. If the judge notices the defendant has previously applied for bail, especially for the same crime, they might deny your application.

Previous arrests show a negative pattern and send the wrong message to a judge. The offense the defendant is accused of also determines whether the judge issues bail. Someone charged with murder is less likely to get bail than someone accused of a petty offense like shoplifting.

They Aren't a Flight Risk

When determining if a defendant will qualify for bail, the court needs assurance that the defendant will not flee. Sometimes, people get bail and flee out of the country to avoid appearing in court.

So, while every crime suspect is considered a flight risk, the court needs extensive background research. They must be satisfied you are less likely to flee. If in doubt, they may ask for your passport and other relevant travel documents before awarding the bail.

The Defendant Is Well-Behaved and Adheres to Court Dates

While it may seem insignificant, misbehaving in the courtroom aggravates the judge, shows poor manners, and results in being denied bail. A yelling, shouting, or vocal defendant in the court might make it hard for their bail application to be approved. It can also make the judge reconsider their initial decision on the bail request.

Missing a court date could also result in the courts revoking bail. The court mandates everyone involved in a case to appear on the court date. Judges go through previous records to see if the defendant adheres to court dates to determine eligibility for bail. Bail may be denied if an offender has missed previous court dates.

Based on how well you know your loved one, you can determine if they are eligible for bail. If they are, but you are worried you don't have enough money to raise bail, you can get help from a bail bonds agency. Good luck with your loved one's bail application.